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Emergency Plumbing Services in Arden

How to Find Emergency Plumbing Services in Arden

Emergency Plumbing Services In Arden, North Carolina

There is nothing worse during the holidays or anytime, than having your household plumbing stop working properly. Many home owners may have home insurance that can help cover the cost and trouble of finding the right company to help you during an emergency. If you do not carry that kind of insurance, where do you start, who do you call? We hope to give you some answers here and make it a little easier.

What to Search For

According to Angie's List here are some basics you need to do for emergency plumbing services.


Ask any company you call if they have a Plumbing License. This is not the same as a regular business license. It requires testing, but some cities may not require them.


Does the company have insurance? They should have Worker's Compensation to cover their employees should they be injured that will cover their medical expenses. If not, the homeowner, You, could be held responsible. Also make sure they have Liability Insurance. This covers damage caused by repair efforts by employees. Again, if they don't carry this, you would be responsible. While companies that do not have these insurances may quote you a lower price, it does not pay in the long run should injuries or damages occur.

Response Time

Most plumbing companies work 24 hours per day, but bear in mind that the longer it takes them to get to you the more damage that is being done to your home and the more expensive that will be. If they are not local to your immediate area, ask if they can recommend someone closer.


Ask the company what they charge per hour and if they also charge a separate service call fee. Some will charge a basic fee just for coming out whether they end up fixing the problem or not. Tell them what your problem is and ask if they can give you a 'Ball Park' estimate for repairing this type of problem. Bear in mind that additional charges may be incurred for parts to correct the problem. Ask how they wish to be paid. Will they take a personal check or do you need to use a credit card?


The plumber should be willing to guarantee his work so ask specifically how long they honor this. Additionally any parts they use should be guaranteed by the company that makes them, so ask for this information also.


Most plumbing companies keep a supply of routine parts in their business. If they do not have the parts and have to go to a store to buy them, ask if they are charging you for their time and or mileage to do that in addition to the cost of the parts.


Depending on the type of work that needs to be done, permits may be required by your city. Make sure the plumber is willing to take care of this, since they should be familiar with the types of jobs that require permitting and the process to accomplish this. Any valid and respected Emergency Plumbing Service should gladly provide you with the the above information. I would not recommend one that does not.

Emergency Plumbing Services in Arden, N.C.

There are a number of reputable companies that serve the Arden, North Carolina area. Now that you have some basic information to start with, check out the company's website. Look at the comments and see what customers have said and check their Facebook page if they have one. You can also check the Better Business Bureau in your area to see if they have any negative reports. Don't forget to ask your neighbors which company they recommend. Be diligent and gather as much information as you can and make sure anyone who comes to your home has the proper identification from the company you selected.

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