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Emergency Plumbing: What Happens When the Water Won’t Go Down

Asheville, Hendersonville, NC Common Plumbing Problems
Emergency Plumbing: What Happens When the Water Won’t Go Down

When the sink won’t drain, should you jump on the DIY bandwagon or look for an emergency plumbing service? We’ve got some tips to help you decide. If these simple home remedies don’t work, and you still need professional plumbing and drain assistance, look no farther than All About Plumbing and Septic. We serve the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area. Give us a call when you have any emergency plumbing need!

Does the water remain standing, or does it eventually drain? If the problem is in the kitchen sink, chances are the issue is old grease slowing down the drain. Pour a good squirt of Dawn dishwashing soap down the drain and immediately follow it with some hot (not boiling) water. This should melt the grease, allowing it to move safely to the septic system. Run the hot water down the drain a few minutes just to make sure it’s all gone. If this doesn’t work, you’ve likely got more solid foodstuffs (or foreign object) stuck in the drain.

Now what? Get a small kitchen plunger and give it a very vigorous plunging. (If you have twin sinks, plug the other one.) Sometimes you can dislodge the clog to get the water moving again.

If it’s likely a hair clog, such as in bathroom sinks, use a sink snake. It looks like an oversized zip tie, with backwards-pointing teeth that will grab the hair clog and pull it back up. It’s gross, but a really easy fix.

Although you’ll see a lot of chemical drain cleaners in the grocery store, it’s really not a good idea to use them. They harm the septic system and can burn through the pipes. Some chemicals can even melt a PVC line and cause it to sag. Call a professional plumber instead!

If the water tends to back up into the shower or tub and drains super slow, you’ve probably got a problem deeper in the plumbing or septic system itself, such as blocked lines inside the walls or tree roots in the septic line. It’s time to call a professional plumbing service.

Asheville, Hendersonville, NC Common Plumbing Problems
Emergency Plumbing: What Happens When the Water Won’t Go Down

All About Plumbing and Septic is your best choice for any emergency plumbing and drain service needs. We serve the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area with friendly, professional plumbing service. Someone is always on call and we have the experience and equipment to accurately diagnose and remedy any plumbing emergency. Give us a call today!

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